We transform, therefore we are

Are we still the land of collective living and doing? This is a trait that has proved decisive in the past, making it possible to envisage new roles and forge a distinctive local identity: a common space, governed by dynamics attentive to the human scale. Today, everything appears to be more confused, overrun by the complexity of processes and the abstract nature of possible solutions. And yet, it is precisely by looking to the past, and rediscovering the value of that traditional collective legacy, that we can reappropriate the future. Under the banner of culture, of identity as an amalgamating and participatory process. The organisers of this initial occasion for reflection have taken the first step, now it is up to the citizens of Ravenna and Romagna to continue. Together, as we were taught by those who came before…


Playlist of the interventions of the guests ‘Fiveways, dialogues for Ravenna’s bid as European Capital of Culture’ Ravenna – Teatro Socjale, December 3rd, 2011

With intervention video of ZYGMUNT BAUMAN and Marco Valerio Amico, Roberto Balzani, Lorenzo Cottignoli, Stefania Pelloni, Elsa Signorino, Matteo Zauli
Contribution of Ericailcane (video)
European Guest Hanns-Dietrich Schmidt
Chairman Andrea Baravelli