Toward the open sea

Ravenna and the sea, an undulating relationship traversing the history of a city that, though naturally a maritime and a coastal town, also built its expansion upon dredging and land reclamation. A theme that becomes a destination, which through a maze of possible and impossible routes is variously sounded and inflected, in coastal navigation among words, images and sounds, fishing here and there for ideas and suggestions for the bid, amid mythology and contemporary tales, mirages and reality, inner visions and imaginary landscapes, figures and metaphors.


Playlist of the interventions of the guests ‘Fiveways, dialogues for Ravenna’s bid as European Capital of Culture’ Ravenna – Artificerie Almagià, November 19, 2011

With PREDRAG MATVEJEVIC and Alessandro Aresu, Fabio Fiori, Gustavo Gozzi, Arsenjie Jovanovic, Svetlana Lomeva, Giuseppe Parrello
Contribution ofAntonio Marchetti, Osservatorio Fotografico
European Guest NELE HERTLING
Chairman Franco Masotti