The dance of opposites

The society of today is so deeply invested in the idea of unlimited personal freedom, that it risks losing sight of any other guiding principle. Often, the result is the formation of elective groupings mainly concerned with defending some presumed identity, without heed for “otherness” — increasingly regarded either with indifference, or as a threat. Yet art is by its nature drawn to polysemic exploration, while still preserving vertical solidity of vision. Can culture and art become beacons, in whose light the clash of opposites does not result in exclusion, but instead brings forth a conflict that is constructive? This prompts the question of whether culture in general, and art in particular, might not be useful tools for strengthening community — as opposed to caste — ties, in an attempt to transform the conflicts of our society into opportunities for collective growth.


Playlist of the interventions of the guests ‘Fiveways, dialogues for Ravenna’s bid as European Capital of Culture’ Ravenna – Palazzo dei Congressi, November 12, 2011

With MARC AUGE’ and Alberto Bucci, Marco Garoni, Chiara Guidi, Luigi De Angelis, Chiara Lagani, Alessandro Pontremoli, Rocco Ronchi, Daniele Torcellini
Contribution of Carlo Lucarelli, Adriano Zanni
European Guest TREVOR DAVIES
Chairman Lorenzo Donati