Imagining the imaginary

How much does culture today have an impact on local and regional development ? What do the people of Ravenna envision, in large or small scale, for the future? How can we construct a collective path toward 2019? Imagining the imaginary is a fundamental and complex task, with myriad facets: innovation and creativity, technological future, political utopias, contemporary visions and the very young “thinking hearts”. This theme was from the start coupled with economic and social reflections, to allow this imaginary vision (which we are already imagining together) to grow in a city fabric that is rich and open to new elements.


Playlist of the interventions of the guests ‘Fiveways, dialogues for Ravenna’s bid as European Capital of Culture’ Ravenna – Teatro Rasi, November 26, 2011

With IRENE TINAGLI and Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Monica Francia, Raffaele Iosa, Barbara Longiardi, Paolo Lucchi, Marco Martinelli
Contribution of Alessandra Dragoni, Coro Mordani, Non Scuola
European Guest ULRICH FUCHS
Chairman Marianna Panebarco