Mission and Vision

*Ravenna and the Romagna area: Ravenna’s bid for European Capital of Culture is backed by Emilia-Romagna Region, Province of Ravenna, the municipalities of Rimini, Forlì, Cesena, Faenza and its surrounding towns, Cervia, Russi, and the Union of municipalities of Southern Romagna. Ravenna and the cities of Romagna form a unique regional package, a compendium of history and experiences. The candidacy has the ambitious aim of bringing the “Romagna system” to the fore at a national and European level, as a laboratory able of producing culture in a participatory and synergistic way.

*The relations between old and new: by the bidding process, Ravenna aims to bring about a rebalancing of relations between old and new, sketching out an identity profile that reinterprets the past in a new way, free from nostalgia or conservative legacies, as a historicized base and source of inspiration for building the future.


download pdf brochure about Ravenna’s bid

*Mosaics of Culture: In the past, Ravenna has produced artistic visions that are milestones in the history of our continent, and today, through the Mosaics of Culture project, it aims to propose new visions for Europe. The mosaics metaphor aptly captures the idea of assembling multifarious forms and experiences, which underpins the artistic-cultural discourse of today. Achieving contemporary relevance requires comparing a series of issues crucial to the region’s future, such as hospitality and cultural diversity, conflict and its possible arrangements, the relationship with water and the wider world, creativity and new technology, transformations and “doing together”.

The outlines of the candidacy programme will be filled out through shared and participatory planning, involving local citizens and organisations, to make the word “together” truly the key to Ravenna’s future.