Romagna Express 2019 The candidacy train October, 8-12, 2012


Ravenna is a candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2019 with the support of the Emilia-Romagna region, the Province of Ravenna, of the towns of Rimini, Forlì, Cesena, Faenza and Faenza’s Union of Romagna, Cervia, Russians and the Union of Lower Romagna’s Municipalities. As part of the project application, Ravenna has undertaken a series of actions aimed at building a shared journey and participated in the nationality and territory. In 2012 it opened an open call for ideas for the entire city and the entire basin of Romagna, in order to collect design ideas and visions for the candidacy file, the document on which you play the competition for the title. In parallel to the open call, a bill was created for the first time, called Prove Tecniche di 2019 (Technical Tests for 2019), a system that collects and puts the artistic-cultural initiatives more in tune with the program guidelines of the application.

Among the Technical Tests the Romagna Express project takes shape, a historic train that will stop in the major cities of the Romagna region from October 8th to 12th, 2012, spreading in the territory the content and themes of the candidacy. Each city will have the task of deepening one or more elements that characterize it, in particular by developing the dialogue with Europe and the contemporary and helping to outline a new framework for the current Romagna, through a series of actions which provide a strong involvement of citizens : public meetings, exhibitions, video productions, public art in the streets, concerts and much more.
Starting from a mean of transport that has more than two centuries of history as the train, we will develop a discussion related to the present but oriented to the future, we will try to focus on some joints of Romagna identity which wants to think of itself in a European-international dimension.

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Promotors: Comune di Ravenna, Comune di Rimini, Comune di Forlì, Comune di Cesena, Comune di Faenza
With the contribution of: Fondazione del Monte
In collaboration with: Articolture, V!RA2019, TeatrOnnivoroOnnivoro
Il progetto è stato ideato e curato dallo Staff di Ravenna 2019 e dai Comitati Artistico-Organizzativi di Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì, Cesena, Faenza

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