Ravenna2019 on National newscast

A few days now since the proclamation of the next European Capital of Culture (the announcement will be on Oct. 17), and the finalists who will vie for the nomination will compete with every mean, social networks, events, gadgets. Television could not miss and TG2 (national newscast) in the past weeks has been broadcasting in-depth services dedicated to the candidates on the short-list.
Yesterday, a TV crew explored and filmed the city to prepare the report on the candidacy of Ravenna2019 which will be on air this Saturday, September 6th during the 8:30 pm edition.
The visit was a relay race of people and places. As the candidacy of Ravenna, made up of both historical and artistic heritage and people, the journalist Loretta Cavaricci, with an operator and a sound technician, visited different places of the city and in every place they met a pivotal figure for the candidacy. The first to be interiewed was the coordinator of the candidacy Alberto Cassani, during a staff meeting.PalazzoRasponi_RavennanotiziePalazzo Rasponi delle Teste, Piazza Kennedy, Ravenna

The TV crew moved to Piazza del Popolo, then to Palazzo Rasponi delle Teste, where Ravenna2019′s project manager Nadia Carboni was interviewed. In the complex of San Vitale and Galla Placidia another interview took place, now it was Grace Marini’s turn, director of the Service of Tourism and Culture of the Municipality.


Mausoleo di Galla Placidia, Ravenna

The relay continued through the streets of the historic center. The tomb of Dante, the “Rasi” theater, where the crew met Alessandro Renda of the “Teatro delle Albe”. The visit continued at theDock and at the Almagià, where there were dance rehearsals, some volunteers of V! RA2019 and part of Ravenna2019 Social Media team.

Eventually the crew stopped in the laboratory stage “Koko mosaic” of Luca Barberini, and in the railway underpass, where some young writers were making murals.

We just have to wait Saturday night to watch our beautiful Ravenna showing everyone its Capital profile!