Ravenna welcomes the European commission

On October 13, it was a memorable day. The international jury was visiting for the selection of the winnig city and Ravenna gave “the scent of a European Capital of Culture ‘as rightly said the Mayor, Fabrizio Matteucci.

Thousands of people of all ages have populated the streets of Ravenna with songs, banners and hymns to Europe. The visit of the commission began in Piazza del Popolo with a welcoming flashmob performed by a hundred children volunteers.

20141013 Ravenna, i giurati parlano con i ragazzi in p.zza del Popolo.JPG

The committee wanted to make a pit stop at the tomb of Dante, before heading to Piangipane’s Social Theater, which was also the location for lunch.
The Jury tried to make Cappelletti with the help of traditional “sfogline”, pasta-making experts, who also made the Cappelletti with ragù that were served for lunch. Before leaving Piangipane’s social theater, the committee was introduced to our traditional dance, the “liscio” … of course on the famous tune of “Romagna Mia”. The next stop was the Cisim, cutural center of Lido Adriano, a place for workshops and dance classes for children from 11 to 18 years and where multiculturalism is at home.

Teatro Sociale

The commission visited the Mausoleum of Theodoric which was animated by a sound installation dedicated to the sounds of the city. Culture plus Multicultural equals Europe. The next stop was Rasponi Palace, recently restored and renamed “the house of Europe”. While the committee was admiring the frescoes and the inner courtyard, a multitude of voices called it out. The boys of the “no school of Teatro delle Albe” escorted the jury up in Piazza San Francesco.

20141013 Ravenna, la giuria arriva in p.zza S. FrancescoJPG

Here they found the Ravennopoli, one of the citizens’ initiatives for Ravenna2019, a game that embraces both history and culture, The jury itslef rolled of the dice and got to build a museum in Via Paolo Costa and a theater in Porta Adriana.


The members of the Committee chatted with about 50 people who have explained them direclty the projects they were witnessing, giving them the opportunity to learn more and interact with citizens.

As in a Rossini crescendo, the best was yet to come. On board of a boat, the jurors reached the top of the Candiano canal and found themselves in front of 3,000 people who had gathered at the dock for the final parade. 3,000 people who responded to the call of Ravenna2019 and have come to show to the committee throughout their participation, the true meaning of “mosiac of cultures.”


The tour officially ended at 7pm. An end consecrated by a downpour that tightened citizens under a canopy and allowed everyone to toast at the success of the day.

In the evening, success and attendance also to the screening of Antonioni’s film “The Red Desert”, for the occason with the live accompaniment of original music, composed and performed by the “Byzanthium Experimental Orchestra”, The “Alighieri” theater was filled with people up to the second tier of boxes.

Ravenna did its best to show the committee what has been done and what will be done, but as Alberto Cassani rightly said: “whatever happens, Ravenna has already won: citizenship has realized that together we can do great things.”

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