October 13th, together for Ravenna2019

For all those who have submitted projects, participated in meetings, organized events, attached stickers, read articles and discussed at the bar.

For all those who have been working together for a common goal, individuals, institutions, associations, cultural, economic, sports and volunteering.

For all of you who contributed to the candidacy for 7 years: October 13th is your day.

Let’s celebrate our journey with a joyous, loud and immense collective march

The appointment is at 6 pm at the Darsena-dock, the center of many future desires. That stretch of quay is for us the metaphor of a journey that began in 2007 and that awaits us in the coming years: the future we want starts with small and large daily actions. The Europe we want is created every day through a mosaic of cultures that must remain open and in motion.

The meeting point is at the head of the Candiano (at the beginning of Via D’Alaggio) and we will be walking guided the Teatro delle Albe’s kids: drums, music, choirs, bikes, sailboats, straw bales, basketballs until the Former-Shooting (Ex-Tiro a segno) where we’ll toast to the future and to Europe. Let’s build the largest collective parade ever made in our territory. It will also be the opportunity to demonstrate to the Commission delegation, which will be visiting Ravenna on the very October 13, that united we can do it.

Let’s meet up and say out loud and together that Ravenna,that Romagna, wants to become the next European Capital of Culture!


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