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Ravenna2019 in Rome for the final hearing

Friday, October 17, the delegation of Ravenna will be heard by the jury in full at the headquarters of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage (Mibact) in Rome. The meeting, behind closed doors, is arranged at 9.00am and will last 90 minutes (30 minutes of exposure and 60 minutes of questions from the Commissioners). The delegation […]

Ravenna welcomes the European commission

On October 13, it was a memorable day. The international jury was visiting for the selection of the winnig city and Ravenna gave “the scent of a European Capital of Culture ‘as rightly said the Mayor, Fabrizio Matteucci. Thousands of people of all ages have populated the streets of Ravenna with songs, banners and hymns […]

October 13th, together for Ravenna2019

For all those who have submitted projects, participated in meetings, organized events, attached stickers, read articles and discussed at the bar. For all those who have been working together for a common goal, individuals, institutions, associations, cultural, economic, sports and volunteering. For all of you who contributed to the candidacy for 7 years: October 13th […]

International meeting to “Switch on” creativity in Europe

As part of the Ravenna’s candidacy to European Capital of Culture 2019, on September 19th and 20th, Ravenna2019 organized in collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Italy, the international workshop Switch On. The event is free but there are limited seats, sign up here! The aim is to reflect about policies for culture and creative industries […]

Ravenna2019′s dossier handed in

The official dossier of Ravenna2019 arrived this morning in Rome. The Mayor of Ravenna Fabrizio Matteucci, accompanied by Alberto Cassani and Nadia Carboni, coordinator and project manager of Ravenna2019 have delivered the document with which Ravenna applies to become “European Capital of Culture for 2019.” The appointment was at the headquarters of the Ministry of […]

Ravenna2019 on National newscast

A few days now since the proclamation of the next European Capital of Culture (the announcement will be on Oct. 17), and the finalists who will vie for the nomination will compete with every mean, social networks, events, gadgets. Television could not miss and TG2 (national newscast) in the past weeks has been broadcasting in-depth […]