Agorà 2019 – let the culture speak

Agorà 2019 was a three-day event held in April (from April 19th till April 21th) with the aim of giving local people the opportunity to be more directly involved in the bidding process.

Thanks to the Open Space Technology and the innovative participatory approach, people of any age could meet and discuss projects concerning Ravenna and the Romagna area with cultural experts and local authorities, like in a real town square, as suggested by the Greek word “agorà”.

The method adopted by the event coordinators (Stefania Pelloni, Andrea Caccìa and Marianella Sclavi) allowed also to work on the ideas previously collected through the Open Call and the Working Groups organized in Ravenna and in the supporting cities.

The initiative was highly successful : about 500 people participated in the activities. Many of them later manifested their enthousiasm on the web, asking for another meeting in June.

The ideas collected during the three days in a final instant report and on handwritten posters will be partially included by the Staff of Ravenna 2019 in the bidding dossier which has to be handed over at the end of September. They will be further developed if Ravenna is selected to bid on the second phase.

Agorà was promoted by Ravenna2019–Comune di Ravenna, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Provincia di Ravenna, Comuni di Rimini, Forlì, Cesena, Faenza and Area Faentina, Cervia, Russi, Unione Comuni Bassa Romagna; “Open space technology” by Stefania Pelloni, Andrea Caccìa and Marianella Sclavi.